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Supreme Pie

The Classic Gourmet Twist on a traditional southern dessert now lighter and fluffier with an even more taste and flavor !


Try Frozen

Lemon Supreme is “NADA-CREAM” ! It’s a delicious icecream like dessert that ignites the imagination while cooling the soul.

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Flavor Enhancement

Enhanced with flavors such as Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, and mint gives lemon  a unique and endless twist with every bite. 


Come and enjoy a unique culinary adventure in our kitchen, as you create your very own Lemon Supreme desserts in partnership with AIRBNB Experience.

We also  cater ! Lemon Supreme cart’s are available and are a fun addition to any “B” event ! Birthdays !  Baby Showers ! Bat Mitzvah !   Any Bash !






Lemon Supreme

Light, lemony and luscious are just a few words which describe the Lemon Supreme Pie, a delicious new twist on a cultural classic. This Pie is derived from an old and cherished family recipe. As a child I would visit my Grand Aunt Addie during summertime. I would watch her in the kitchen, unsure of what she was making. Little did I know that the experience of those moments would lovingly be with me forever. As an adult, I found myself craving the taste of this cool family treat. I realized that not only had I witnessed the creation of this amazing dessert during those beautiful summers at Aunt Addie’s. I was also learning the values of love, family and creativity. This is my inspiration in recreating the Lemon Supreme Pie, and now I share it with all of you…
The Lemon Supreme Pie is not only made with the freshest ingredients, it’s made from love…ENJOY!!!